Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If you want to boost your sales, show your customers how they can save with Alison’s Pantry. Sometimes, people assume that we can’t beat the prices from Costco, Sam’s Club or Schwan’s home delivery. Although we may not always have the lowest prices on identical items, comparisons can show customers their best value.

Last week I sent you a comparison for our Daily’s Precooked Bacon (showing a savings of nearly half when customers purchase precooked bacon from AP!). This week, I compared Costco frozen fruit to our frozen fruits from Wyman’s (pg.11) in Catalog #5.

Here are the savings our customers will find:

Whole Raspberries $4.54 / lb. at Costco
$3.70 / lb. from AP

Mixed Berries $2.72 / lb. at Costco
$2.40 / lb. from AP

Whole Blackberries $2.27 / lb. at Costco
$1.70 / lb. from AP

Mango Chunks $2.00 / lb. at Costco
$1.50 / lb. from AP

Here is a great comparison chart prepared by Jennifer Dukart, a Representative in Dunn, ND to show her customers how they can save with Alison’s Pantry versus Schwan’s home delivery.

When you take the time to comparison shop with your local competitors, your customers will thank you with their orders! Alison’s Pantry also has a larger and fresher selection of bulk spices than Costco, and more Grade A frozen vegetables to choose from, and a great selection of private label mixes….but to keep us humble, today I’m just talking about price comparisons. :)